In consultation with Council staff, E4 Environmental Living was identified as the most appropriate zoning for that part of the subject site not impacted by coastal hazard and not suitable for any of the other E zones. This land comprises approximately 11.882 hectares of old golf course land. The E4 Environmental Living Zone objectives* are:

  • To provide for low impact residential development in areas with special ecological, scientific or aesthetic values.
  • To ensure that residential development does not have an adverse effect on those values.

* Mandated objectives State Government Standard Instrument.

The Development Control Plan (DCP) to support the Planning Proposal would address issues such as:

  • Revegetation, environmental enhancement and repair
  • Coastal zone management
  • Vehicular access
  • Bushfire hazard

This Planning Proposal is seeking only to rezone this parcel of land. A further application would later be required to subdivide the existing four lots into nine. Opportunities for community input would occur again at that time.

The large – minimum 1 hectare – allotments would provide ample space for dwellings to be located in cleared grassed areas only. The E4 zone would permit dwelling houses on the land but not secondary dwellings or dual occupancy, so there could never be more than one dwelling on each of the nine allotments.

The total housing/building footprint across the subject site would be less than 2.5%.

The comprehensive studies behind this Planning Proposal include modelling coastal erosion, ecological assessment, flooding assessment, bushfire assessment and potential land contamination.

Subject site (shaded) showing proposed zonings and approximate location of nine eventual proposed lots (subject to a further approval)